Slow down, buy local

The value of conscious living in the age of fast everything

Fast food, fast lines, fast service, fast gadgets, fast cars. It seems to me that everything in life is moving so fast as of late. Everybody is in a hurry, busy busy busy, distracted a lot – if not most- of the time. We like our meals fast, our internet fast, our traffic fast, our conversations fast, even our relationships fast it seems at times.

We like to speak of progress, but is it really progress when so many of us feel overloaded, overwhelmed, unsatisfied, and uninspired? That being said, let’s not linger for too long on what is “not right”. Instead, let’s briefly explore an alternative way of approaching life, a way I wholeheartedly believe most humans have an innate yearning for, and that could potentially be an old-fashioned solution to many modern-day struggles.

So, here it is. It is so incredibly simple…are you ready? SLOW THE F* DOWN! Slow down the way you LIVE – take more time to just BE. Be alone, be in good company, be in the moment, be in silence, be in nature, be barefoot, be mindful, be yourself, be okay with not being perfect, and be okay with not being perpetually busy and just BE. Slow down the way you EAT — buy from local farmers, buy seasonal, eat real food, eat together, eat in silence, sit down and chew your food slowly, cook your own food, eat your own food, heck, GROW your own food if you are feeling particularly sparked! Slow down the way you BUY — buy consciously, buy less, waste less, barter, recycle, think about what you are actually buying and who you are buying it from, buy small, and of course: BUY LOCAL.

The best way to heal this disease of fast-everything and its countless unpleasant and unproductive symptoms is very simply by slowing down, coming together and weaving a community of slow, conscious, deliberate, intentional movement, planting slow seeds and then patiently waiting for them to sprout, grow, and blossom – slowly. Slowing down – now that’s what I call progress!

***Side note:
‘Slow Down, Buy Local’ is Cadushi Festival’s slogan. As it implies, our focus is on nurturing the concept of Conscious Living by means of events which are centered around a positive, uplifting community and include inspiring activities (such as tea meditation, yoga, tarot reading, and many more), abundant opportunities for slow (and delicious!) eating, and slow consuming by featuring many amazing local creatives/makers/artisans and encouraging low waste and recycling.

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