Eating mindfully

Thanks for taking a minute to read this blog. Today’s topic is mindfulness. I’m sure you must’ve heard about it. There are a lot of ways in which one can define mindfulness, but here’s my take on it. To me, being mindful is when one is in a state, in which the mind is fully present and aware of our actions in the moment, and not overwhelmed by all that is going on around us.

Did you know that mindfulness is scientifically proven to have positive benefits for our health and happiness? Mindfulness helps us not only to be more aware but also more caring of our daily actions. That being said. I often see people eating mindless, making it difficult for the body to digest the food as it should. How often do we really take the time to sit and have a meal? We are often having a meal on the go or we have our meal while executing 2 or 3 other tasks all at the same time. Acid reflux, stomach cramps or even feeling too full after you’ve had a meal…..Recognize this?

How do you expect your body to digest your food properly if you are not aware of where, how, or even what you are eating. Mealtime is an important time and here is how you can eat mindfully, in order to not only digest your food better, but also in order to slow things down, and feel present and relaxed during this moment.

1. Chewing: Chewing slowly is a wonderful way to develop the habit of eating mindfully. Did you know that chewing more times and slower than you’re usually accustomed to, helps the body the process the feeling of satiety better? This means you will need less bites in order to feel full. Less bites also means less calories and on the long run a healthier body weight.
2. Chopsticks: using chopsticks is also a way to eat slower.
3. Put down your cutlery after every bite: We often have the tendency to keep our forks and knives in our hands after we’ve had a bite. This is such an automatic gesture that we often haven’t even swallowed the food in our mouth and our fork is already going for the next bite. By putting down your fork and knife after every bite you are slowing down the process, which allows for a better feeling of awareness during mealtime.
4. Right hand or left hand: Have you ever tried eating with your non-dominant hand? Annoying right? Well, this is also a way of slowing yourself down during mealtime.
5. Where are you having your meal? Sit at a table, sit in a comfortable chair, don’t slouch and enjoy your meal. Remember to keep the phone, ipad and computer out of sight. You want to really have your full attention to enjoy your meal.

Try making mindfulness and mindful eating a daily practice. I urge you to pick 2 of the above mentioned tips to get started. Yep, only 2. Try them out consciously for a minimum of 2 weeks and let me know what you’ve observed and what you think. I’d love to hear if and possibly how eating mindfully has influenced the way you view and enjoy mealtime.
Enjoy your meal beautiful human. See you in the next blogpost.

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