Slow Down, Buy Local

The idea was born out of a perceived necessity for a different kind of activity on the island, an inspiring alternative gathering place for curious souls which could simultaneously serve as a showcase for local artists, small business brave hearts and creative, out-of-the-box entrepreneurs. Having lived in the Netherlands for many years, our founding members Carina and Julienne had been missing the festival ambiance ever since returning to home-base, and together as like minded friends often daydreamed of recreating that feeling here on Aruba. When the holiday season was approaching in 2014, one day the thought suddenly came up: why doesn’t anyone organize a different kind of Christmas activity? Something completely unconventional and focusing purely on the warm fuzzy feelings of gathering, sharing and supporting, encouraging a conscious lifestyle, and helping out local small businesses in the process?

We gathered together an enthusiastic group of creative minds and quickly started working out the plans and approaching possible venues and participants. We set our hearts on a quaint little garden behind a friend’s yoga studio and got many excited participants on board in a very short period of time. Since we were intent on going low-budget and completely independent, we did almost all of our marketing via social media, and were fortunate enough to be invited for a guest appearance on a local talk-show and also got featured in a local newspaper. From the start, we had such an amazing response from friends and participants, everyone wanted to lend a helping hand and that really was the glue that tied everything together and made it all work like magic. At first we were a bit nervous about how it all would turn out, but when we wrapped up the event that night we all realized it went well beyond any of our wildest expectations and we were thrilled to see so many visitors and hear so many people express how they truly enjoyed themselves and were already asking for a repeat. So, we decided to go with the flow and continued on organizing the festival on a regular basis ever since. Our team has since evolved and our group of participants, contributors and visitors has grown steadily, but the heart of our intentions is still the same. We hope you will visit us soon so you can experience it for yourself.

What we are about

Our slogan is “Slow Down, Buy Local” and our aim is to:

1. Slow Down – returning to our natural ways: as a way to balance out the tendency to make everything faster (fast food, fast living etc), living more consciously and mindfully
2. Buy Local – supporting our local artistic, creative & entrepreneurial community in the most direct way possible, and encouraging new and unique initiatives
3. Connect – creating a positive and nourishing place to gather and connect, for our visitors to feel a sense of joy and community and to leave feeling inspired, energized, and empowered!


The Cadushi Festival ‘s mission is to create awareness in regard to mindful living and to provide local creatives with a space to showcase and share their (art)work.


The Cadushi Festival aims to inspire and connect people of all walks of life who seek enrichment of their lives on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Pillars of the Cadushi Festival


Arts & crafts; music; performance; gastronomy; innovation; creative entrepreneurship


Support/buy local; diversity; cultural; appreciation; family; collaboration; connection; networking; compassion; sharing


Recycle; Re-use; Reduce; Refuse; Compost; DIY


Awareness; holistic lifestyle; spirituality; development of inner peace

The Team

The ones behind the Cadushi Festival




Join the movement

Cadushi is not just an event, it is a movement and is not the same without your participation!
So, how can YOU be a part of the Cadushi Festival?

1. Sponsor/Donate: please contact us!
2. Participate: please see page “join the movement
3. Volunteer: please see page “volunteers
4. Just come to our events and have a great time!!

Being part of Cadushi Festival you are contributing to a movement we believe is up and coming and will only keep growing from here on. We are for all ages and everyone is welcome. You will feel at home and inspired whilst at the same time supporting mindfulness, wellness and local small businesses, farmers, artists and creators of all kinds. We look forward to having you be part of our community!

To get an impression of all the people and institutions who have contributed, collaborated, participated, sponsored, volunteered or helped out in any other way up until now, please visit the corresponding page <3

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Contact Details

For any question or inquiry get in touch with the Cadushi Festival Team
@ Ex Bushiri Hotel
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