Boyo, drigidek….. and hand massages. The perfect combination! Come get your piece of boyo or drigidek and get a relaxing hand massage for those overtired fingers.

Aruba Coffee Roasting Company

We are the first and only coffee roaster on Aruba. Import green coffee beans from all over the world. Make our own custom blend.

Try our coffee blends on their own or with a splash of liquor.

Cunucu Mondi Fierno

Cunucu Mondi Fierno is the name of our property, our Terroir. Aruba magic, propelled by resilience and hard work, gave way to our vineyard of the Madeira variety of grapes, sugarcane & fruits plantation, and allowed us to craft fine port wine, liquors and spirits. The Aruba Magic lives in the land itself, it just needed to be found.

Our sustainable winery makes use of local fruits to handcraft fine liquors, like; Shimaraku, Zuurzak, Granatapel, and Mango etc. Everything we grow is organic, and with a goal of reducing our carbon footprint to negligible levels.
Cunucu Mondi Fierno, which has appointed Michael the Archangel as its guardian, is located in Aruba’s highlands next to the Arikok area in Santa Cruz. This privileged location creates a microclimate unique to the Island which shapes the characteristic taste of our wine, liquors and spirits.

We have made our first wine four (4) decades ago, started cultivating our yard back in 2003, our land in 2016 and our first wine vintage was in 2012. We have planted around 220 fruit plants and our aim is to achieve 2000 within the next decade on a sustainable basis.

Today we have a very limit stock of different fruits wines, liquors and spirits at your order.


These folks will be providing you with unique and creative bites. They will be selling vegan and vegetarian food, among which their well known D’abaru. Not only local but also healthy food.

Dushi Cakes

The cake baking sisters Twyma and Tracey will be offering heavenly tasting delights such and cakes and cupcakes at the Cadushi Festival. They are honoring traditional recipes which have passed down from generation to generation. They also incorporate a modern rustic touch to create a unique fusion ingredients which all add up to their dushi (tasty) cakes. This year Dushi Cakes will present only healthy dushi cakes at the Cadushi Festival 2018, such as vegan, paleo and gluten-free.

Eco Living Aruba

The idea of ‘Eco living Aruba’ was conceived by Daniel an Rose Barros while discussing how they wanted to live their lives. It’s an idea based on a journey to learn and present what is sustainable and possible on the island of Aruba. Sustainable can mean many different things but for Daniel and Rose it means always pursuing a balance in life between what the environment already provides around us and using what is technologically available. A balance of living comfortably but also respecting the nature around us.Being blessed with the opportunity to grow food on a beautiful island has become a passion. A passion to share that experience with others.


Fundi is someone who is enthusiastic about a subject or activity. Marlon Moore and Robert Tromp are 2 fundies when it comes to food and beverages and they will bring some special jingle balls at Cadushi Festival festival consisting of an interesting variety of sweet potato, chicken pesto, red beet and minty beef balls. All made with fresh ingredients that will be served in their signature cup. You should also try their delicious cocktail mixed with Craft beer.

Gumbs Total Health Products

They will provide you with freshly pressed juices which have nothing added nor are their juices pasteurized. When available they have juices made from mango, soursop, watermelon and more. Healthy is the way to go with these guys!

Gourmet Master

Chef Reggito Oduber of Grapeleaf Catering Infusion and On The Rocks Cafe will delight you with several local gourmet specialties.

Katherine Cortez

Homemade yogurts made of fun different flavors such as passion fruit, piña colada, kiwi and more! All made with real fruit and without adding dyes, preservatives or any other chemical additive!

Since I was little I have a passion for arts and for me, cooking is an extension of my artistic personality, something as simple as a yogurt can become a sensory experience, we see the colors, smell the sweet notes of the fruit, try a bite and the flavors and textures begin to merge and boom! This is art in our mouth!

Living Food Aruba

Welcome to Living Food Aruba! We are Thom and Amada – glad you stopped by. We sell Raw Organic Kombucha, Organic Sprouts, Organic Microgreens, Organic Wheatgrass, Raw Organic Almond Milk, Raw Organic Sauerkraut. We are very passionate about what we do. LOVE is always the first ingredient in everything we make. Enjoy being good to yourself. To your health!


Artisan ‘poffertjes’ and syrup waffles on Aruba. Poffertjes are a festive holiday treat in the Netherlands, popular at both summer festivals and Christmas markets. Mainly in the winter season temporary stands selling poffertjes are quite popular and sell portions containing one or two dozen of them.

Taki Greens

All natural, local edibles and drinks by Frank a.k.a. The Forager. Frank will be at Cadushi Festival once again to quench your thirst with his refreshing cocktail made with oregano. Splash of local rum optional, but highly recommended. Flowers foraged by the man himself top off your Caribbean cocktail. Special nom nom of the night: ‘Droopy Rolls Over’- ‘hotdogs’ made with carrots and beets cooked Al Palito…. Come, see and taste for yourself!

The Gourmet Raspao Stand

Shaved ice topped with home made syrups made from local fruits, home grown herbs and cane sugar. Nothing artificial. A whole new snow cone experience.
I have always loved snow cones, they excite the **ck out of me!

The Funky Vegan Kitchen

Vegan holiday food. Shonko is a Plant Based food creator, transforming local classics into all 100% delicious vegan delights. Be sure to visit her stand at the Cadushi Festival.

Vegan Munchies

The concept of Vegan Munchies started by Ervin Leysner back in his college days when “munchies” would kick in and not having many choices to eat as a vegan or vegetarian. He honed his chef skills through many years of creating and experimenting in the kitchen. His goal is to help bring compassion and awareness through delicious food and breaking the stereo type that healthy food can taste AMAZING! Cadushi Festival is the right place for Vegan Munchies because of the wonderful crowds it draws every year. Vegan Tacos (Pulled mushroom or Ground Tofu served with gluten free Corn Tortilla avocados lettuce, pico de Gallo and vegan cheeses.

Phone: +297 592 7127
Caya G.F. Betico Croes 97-1