3XM Health

3XM started as a hobby to provide 3x meals daily for a bodybuilding competitor and has grown into now providing healthy lunch cuisine for athletes, businesses, teachers or anyone who is interested and committed in having healthy home cooked meal that has variety, is fresh and balanced. My name is Marlon Michael Moore and I believe that I am an alchemist pursuing my passion. My purpose is to transform ingredients into healthy cuisine, serve you with a smile and embrace the healthy lifestyle. 3XM: helping Myself, My family and My community 1 meal at the time.

Aruba Coffee Roasting Company

We are the first and only coffee roaster on Aruba. Import green coffee beans from all over the world. Make our own custom blend.

Try our coffee blends on their own or with a splash of liquor.

Bio Cookies Aruba

One of the best things you can do for the planet is change your diet and leave animal products behind. This is why for these Holidays we are making delicious VEGAN cookies. Kind to the planet and a delicious treat for yourself and your loved ones. Made with love!

Coco Dushi

Ww offer our already famous Cocodushi, coconut gelato on shell and we have our carts / bikes to deliver.

Chuchubi Bakes

Chuchubi Bakes started in 2019 with the goal to make my grandmother‘s homemade recipes into vegan versions and still be as good or better than the originals. I have my own twist of flavors and experimental baking. I also started to have request for certified gluten-free cakes to which I take special care and dedication to provide these alternatives.

Cunucu Mondi Fierno

Cunucu Mondi Fierno is the name of our property, our Terroir. Aruba magic, propelled by resilience and hard work, gave way to our vineyard of the Madeira variety of grapes, sugarcane & fruits plantation, and allowed us to craft fine port wine, liquors and spirits. The Aruba Magic lives in the land itself, it just needed to be found.

Our sustainable winery makes use of local fruits to handcraft fine liquors, like; Shimaraku, Zuurzak, Granatapel, and Mango etc. Everything we grow is organic, and with a goal of reducing our carbon footprint to negligible levels.
Cunucu Mondi Fierno, which has appointed Michael the Archangel as its guardian, is located in Aruba’s highlands next to the Arikok area in Santa Cruz. This privileged location creates a microclimate unique to the Island which shapes the characteristic taste of our wine, liquors and spirits.

We have made our first wine four (4) decades ago, started cultivating our yard back in 2003, our land in 2016 and our first wine vintage was in 2012. We have planted around 220 fruit plants and our aim is to achieve 2000 within the next decade on a sustainable basis.

Today we have a very limit stock of different fruits wines, liquors and spirits at your order.


D’abarú products are made from the fruits of the P.Dulce tree. Started in the early 2000 with the veggie line D’ABARÚ, we produce: snacks, croquet, burgers, soup, juice, dip sauces, bread, criyoyo rice D’abarú and liqueur. All natural, veggie, gluten free and local. The plantation is located at Bloemond 18A,Participating with Cadushi since 2014!

Dushi Cakes

The cake baking sisters Twyma and Tracey will be offering heavenly tasting, guiltfree and organic delights such as vegan cholocate cakes and gluten/sugar/dairy-free cakes the Cadushi Festival. All the ingredients are 100% organic combined with local ingredients. You can build your own “dushi cake” with natural toppings such as fresh fruits, nuts and homemade vegan sauces.

Gumbs Healthy Juices

They will provide you with freshly pressed juices which have nothing added nor are their juices pasteurized. When available they have juices made from mango, soursop, watermelon and more. Healthy is the way to go with these guys!

Hollywood Smokehouse & Secret Garden

Aruba’s award-winning Hollywood Smokehouse teams up with The Secret Garden to bring yummy comfort food to meat lovers and vegans! Pulled pork, beef brisket and vegan tacos as well signature vegan dishes will keep you fueled during this exciting festival!


Creating connectivity through culture, real food, and taste.
By Julika Thijsen, Lavina Khemlani, Ghislaine Croes.

Itza Pizza

Itza Pizza is a culinary melting pot combining world cuisines with a Caribbean twist. In ode of our intangible history to live on in the contemporary society. Famous for our Christmas Pizzas and Vegan Pizza’s.

In addition Itza Pizza is a vegan Friendly Pizza Place, combined with the freshest vegetables. Salads, event catering & more.

Lionfish Food by Patrick van Brakel

I have been hunting LionFish for over 5 years. This invasive specie is devastating for our local fisherie. The only good thing is the taste of LionFish! Three years ago I decided to build my own snack beside my house and selling LionFish dishes: LionFish Snack Aruba (fb) www.thelionfishsnackaruba.com (web) The last 4 editions I was selling LionFish at Island Fest in San Nicolas.

Marielys Palencia – Vegan X-Mas

Vegan dishes Special for Christmas Vegan ayaca Vegan pan de jamon Vegan “ meat balls “ Vegan “meat loaf” Vegan brownies/ gf Vegan cakes / gf Vegan patties Vegan empana di maishi rabo Vegan cinnamon rolls Vegan “suspiros”

For di aproximadamente 2 aña mi ta traha cosnan vegan y a tuma e riesgo di bende nan pa persona nan cu ta desea cumpra of kier conoce productonan Vegan. Ta juda hende sinja y tin un tiki mas conocimento di cumindanan y convence nan cu cuminda tin hopi benficio. Den un futuro lo mi desea di dedica mi mes completamente cu esaki pa juda hende cambia nan forma di biba Y di come y na mes un momento sinja hende cu bo por come dushi,saludabel sin mester di consumi bestia Ta purba di hasi e productonan aki dushi y economico pa asina hende no tene miedo di cumindanan vegan ja cu e vegan lifestyle na Aruba hende ta considere Hopi Caro.


Artisan ‘poffertjes’ and syrup waffles on Aruba. Poffertjes are a festive holiday treat in the Netherlands, popular at both summer festivals and Christmas markets. Mainly in the winter season temporary stands selling poffertjes are quite popular and sell portions containing one or two dozen of them.

Spam Fries by Rock & Rock

Old skool spam fries by Rock & Rock.


About me
Thank you so much for visiting this site and most of all for reading this story. I am very thankful to the Cadushi Festival folks for creating this space for local vendors.

Hi! I am Zaida and I’m the founder of T2 PAN PA BO RUMAN.
My start in baking could have happened the same way like Charles Darwin, the most well known of biologists, once theorized about the origin of life which is known as abiogenesis: the process by which life arises naturally from non-living matter.

I bake what I call “good bread”. The main components of my baked goods are my love energy that I transmit into every piece of dough that I craft with my two hands, my passion for science and my respect for quality ingredients. T2 PAN is my channel to connect with my community and strip away the undeserved poor reputation of bread.

T2 PAN is my home based micro-bakery that came to life after I made the decision to stop teaching Biology at secondary school. From being a teacher I became a student and took courses to learn the basics of bread baking. After an intense period of study I discovered that bread is not only nutritious for our bodies, it feeds the soul with intense happiness.

Humble beginnings
T2 PAN is a numeronym in memoriam of my beloved father Tito.
The very first molecules of PAN PA BO RUMAN must have emerged from MACHETAZO’S PLACE. My father’s mini convenience store. It had a sign, handwritten by him with paint on a piece of plywood that said:

“Machetazo’s Place
Aki Tito ta
Pan pa bo ruman”

Which means something like “Tito’s got bread for you my brother/sister.
My father passed away when I was 13. Since my family wasn’t wealthy I asked my mom (who is a real cake boss!) to teach me how to bake cakes so I could earn a little pocket money. With my mom’s recipe and my father’s sales skills I started to sell cupcakes at school and in my neighborhood. I made it through High School, then through College and University in the Netherlands and ended up teaching at the same school that I went to as a teenager.

The cycle
Today, the same spaces that used to be my father’s convenience store and my mom’s kitchen are where I bake from scratch. However, I no longer sell my baked goods only at my school and my neighborhood. T2 PAN is savored everywhere!

Vegan Munchies

The concept of Vegan Munchies started by Ervin Leysner back in his college days when “munchies” would kick in and not having many choices to eat as a vegan or vegetarian. He honed his chef skills through many years of creating and experimenting in the kitchen. His goal is to help bring compassion and awareness through delicious food and breaking the stereo type that healthy food can taste AMAZING! Cadushi Festival is the right place for Vegan Munchies because of the wonderful crowds it draws every year.

Beyond beef Burgers w/ pretzel bun served with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, ketchup and vegan cheddar cheese.

Donut Burgers served with fried Donut buns, lettuce, tomato, shiitake bacon, caramelized onions, vegan cheddar, ketchup and home-style mayo.

Limited variety donut boxes by the dozen (12)

Phone: +297 592 7127
J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 248
@ Ex Bushiri Hotel