Aruba Coffee Roasting Company

The Aruba Coffee Roasting Company is Aruba’s first and only micro-roaster, dedicated to providing the best fresh roasted coffee from around the world.

Try our coffee blends on their own or with a splash of liquor.

Bao Palo Craft Beer

Tony brews his own beer at home. An unfiltered and fruity tasting beer, without any fruits added and made out of all natural ingredients including grains, hops, yeast, and water. Its hazy characteristic is attributed to a new style of beer called New England IPA.


These folks will be providing you with unique and creative bites. They will be selling vegan and vegetarian food, among which their well known D’abaru. Not only local but also healthy food.

Dushi Cakes

The cake baking sisters Twyma and Tracey will be offering heavenly tasting delights such and cakes and cupcakes at the Cadushi Festival. They are honoring traditional recipes which have passed down from generation to generation. They also incorporate a modern rustic touch to create a unique fusion ingredients which all add up to their…..dushi (tasty) cakes.

Gumbs Total Health Products

They will provide you with freshly pressed juices which have nothing added nor are their juices pasteurized. When available they have juices made from mango, sour sap, watermelon and more. Healthy is the way to go with these guys!

Red Cactus

Known for their fresh & roasted/BBQ’ed toppings, pizza di maishi rabo, vegan pizzas and homemade-from-the-garden pizza sauces.

Taki Aruba

All natural, local edibles and drinks by Frank a.k.a. The Forager. Frank will be at Cadushi Festival once again to quench your thirst with his refreshing cocktail made with oregano. Splash of local rum optional, but highly recommended. Flowers foraged by the man himself top off your Caribbean cocktail. Special nom nom of the night: ‘Droopy Rolls Over’- ‘hotdogs’ made with carrots and beets cooked Al Palito…. Come, see and taste for yourself!

The Funky Vegan Kitchen

Marie Shonko is the chef at The Funky Vegan Kitchen. She makes sweet and savory vegan treats with crioyo elegance. Be sure to visit her stand at the Cadushi Festival.

Phone: +297 592 7127
Savaneta, Aruba