Eribert Delamare more commonly known as Beach or Beach Lama is a performing artist, poet, writer and actor.

As a writer he represented Aruba in the first Caribbean Tourism Organization essay contest funded by Conde Nast Traveler in 1992 held in Bahamas, as performing artist he co-founder HALA group 2007 poetry/performing arts group now based in the Netherlands and Basha foundation 2016 non-profit dedicated to performing arts that organizes monthly poetry nights at various locations around the island.
He is at times corporal and drives every performance with the power of voice and presence.

He has been part of, organized and performed at various cultural events including poetry nights. Currently he does presentations on a weekly basis at the National Museum of Aruba for Bon Bini Festival.


Colombian born producer based in the Dutch Caribbean. Caleto will take you back in time with a vinyl set of the 50’s classics from Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire.

Caleto is Colombian street slang for ‘hidden spot’, such as the cavities that tend to form under coastal rocks. Ivan Barrera chose this pseudonym, because his mother always used to say: ‘Get out of your caleto!’, figuratively speaking. He is a producer, full of music and able to play a number of different instruments. He has a soft spot for old, traditional music from the region, which he likes to document and mix with his own music (electronic music paired with traditional instruments).

La Picaflor

Jeng Picaflor, singer and acoustic guitar player is a self taught musician. She performs mostly mellow catchy cover songs from artists like coldplay, dillon de byington, elliphant and much more.

Mike Willer

Music transports you, moves you, transcends through time and space. The best DJs take you on a journey, create an experience, connects with the crowd and enhances the vibe. I love music, I have been doing this for twenty years and will keep doing it because I love it.

Mo, Takhai & Shjakayne

Second place Manic Monday/ Gang di Arte 2018 winner Shjakayne will open this performance set with an impressive play called ‘Simiya di Papiamento’. Followed by some kick ass drumming session by the legendary Mo and his multi-talented son Takhai.

Wine It Up

DJ Alan and Masbango, aka The Wine It Up DJ’s, always bring the heat when it comes to the latest in soca, dancehall and afrobeats.

Phone: +297 592 7127
Caya G.F. Betico Croes 97-1