Michael Lance, better known in the music World as “Audiogenic” is an American music enthusiast that has traveled the World. Coming from a family of performers and Hollywood composers Michael has always had an ear for a variety of music. While living in South Beach he helped introduce “The Lounge Sound” – an ever-evolving mix of Trip-hop, chill out, future jazz and cinematic sampling to the lounges and boutique hotels of this international party destination. “Lounge music has the ability to integrate into everyday culture because it is both chic and listenable”. “One day this music will be everywhere you go – in your home, your car, while you’re shopping”. “It’s both inspiring and relaxing at the same time and I believe we all could use a bit more of that”.

Aymar Torres

Aymar Torres is an Aruban singer-songwriter who plays legendary Brazilian songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s (by, among others, Tom Jobim, João Gilberto, Jorge Ben and Caetano Veloso). He also plays well-known South American and Caribbean songs (from, among others, Buena Vista Social Club and Alberto Beltrán). All of this he sings only in Portuguese, Spanish, Papiamento and now even Italian and French. Together with his cousin on percussion they will bring you back to the past.


Eribert Delamare more commonly known as Beach or Beach Lama is a performing artist, poet, writer and actor.
As a writer he represented Aruba in the first Caribbean Tourism Organization essay contest funded by Conde Nast Traveler in 1992 held in Bahamas, as performing artist he co-founder HALA group 2007 poetry/performing arts group now based in the Netherlands and Basha foundation 2016 non-profit dedicated to performing arts that organizes monthly poetry nights at various locations around the island.
He is at times corporal and drives every performance with the power of voice and presence.
He has been part of, organized and performed at various cultural events including poetry nights. Currently he does presentations on a weekly basis at the National Museum of Aruba for Bon Bini Festival.

Jorick Croes

Jorick Croes began to DJ in The Hague clubs like Silly Symphonies and Paard van Troje at the age of 22, mixing house and techno with European post- industrial electronic body music. He started producing in 2003, creating his own tracks – initially as “Serotonin Drops” in collaboration with “Bruno Gets” a good friend and fellow DJ. His subsequent productions as “Jorick Croes” have helped him to take his genres steps further. Croes has established himself as one of minimal-techno’s underground innovators, a reputation cemented by his mix CDs.

In 2015 Croes founded “Caribbean Techno Movement” which is an organization that focuses on electronic music dance events, whether small or festival sized. CTM’s focus is to broaden the horizons of electronic music events, and open more doors for the scene already growing and booming in the Caribbean.

Los Picaflores

Los Picaflores is a name that came up by two friends that hung out with eachother for jamming sessions and fun. And is now something that anyone who likes music and fun can join in.

Jeng Picaflor, singer and acoustic guitar player is a self taught musician. She performs mostly mellow catchy cover songs from artists like coldplay, dillon de byington, elliphant and much more.

Santo Blanco

Santo Blanco is a local rock band playing original material, combining styles such as garage, psychedelic, indie and punk.


Renske van Kollenburg aka Sirena is well-known for her work as an international dance music journalist, radio host, and DJ.

She has consistently delivered interviews with many key-players of the music scene, from electronic artists, to pop and hip-hop artists and since 2011 she is touring the world as a DJ under her moniker Sirena.
At the moment she’s spending some time on our beloved Aruba, “an island to which she is deeply connected to”, so she says. She has been visiting Aruba for over 10 years now and this time she brings something else to the island besides DJ-ing ; her poetry.

We are delighted to be the first ones to have her read her personal poems she has been writing over the years. Besides that you can expect other beautiful inspirational and spiritual texts she selected with care which will help you connect to your inner being.

Take a perfect moment to connect with yourself at the meditation area at Cadushi Festival!

Phone: +297 592 7127
Savaneta, Aruba