ARUBABC – Steffen Maas

Arubabc was designed by Steffen Maas. As an illustrator, graphic designer and photographer he is working with various cultural institutions and creative individuals. Aside to his studio work, Steffen is teaching in China regularly.

Arubabc wants to promote Aruban culture to foreign visitors as well as to the Aruban people, to stimulate literacy, reading culture and cultural awareness in Aruba.

Arubabc offers stylish stationary products as well as appealing educational materials, from ready-made items to customized designs and unique art work. By purchasing any gift or educational item of Arubabc you support Steffen to implement Arubabc in schools and improve materials for the classroom.

Arubalife Organics

Is your sunscreen safe for your health? Is your sunscreen poisoning the ocean and killing coral reefs? Check out our Reef Safe Organic Sunscreen.

A significant amount (80% or more) of sun care products on the market contain harmful ingredients that have been shown to penetrate the skin and be absorbed by the body. This can be measured in blood, breast milk, and urine samples. They can also cause allergic reactions.

One ingredient in particular (oxybenzone) interacts with human sex and thyroid hormones, disrupting our hormone system. It acts like estrogen in the body, alters sperm productions in animals and is associated with endometriosis in women!

Protect your body while preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystems with our organic ingredient and mineral based sunscreen butter. It contains only the essential ingredients to protect and moisturize your skin – nothing more.

Bunnyhop & Cream of Wu

The dynamic duo  Bunnyhop & Cream of Wu are making some cool tote bags and some original t-shirt designs, crioyo style with a twist.

Coloring Laura

Greeting- and postcards. Illustrations with and without frame. Magnets, Ornaments, Bracelets.

If you would know Laura Clots it will make sense her name is “ColoringLaura” as well. Since a couple of years she is living on Aruba where she designs and creates illustrations. Her artwork is made on paper with a pattern but she also likes to work with recycled paper. Colored markers are her medium and to bring some depth into the drawing she uses a gold or silver outline. She is incredible in balancing her colors in combination with the paper. With the flora and fauna of Aruba as her inspiration, she will create an unique hand drawn illustration. All of her work is made with a lot of passion and it will bring a smile to your face. Every piece she creates is one of a kind because she likes to keep her work limited and unique. It will be hard to find another artist on the island as Laura with the same style or technique. You will recognize a piece of “ColoringLaura” right away!

Creole Element

At Claudia’s stand you will find eco-friendly Christmas decorations and more made from recycled and up-cycled materials.

Claudia has a great sense of concern for what is tossed in the trash, which inspires her to recycle as much as she can. Through her recycled artwork, derived from (in)organic materials, she expresses her love and compassion for others which include people, animals, and mother earth. She calls herself a recycle lover and she is practicing her religion which is recycling, separate garbage and grows her own food.


Handmade art made of recycled maps and magazines.
Since an early age, Diana has been interested in travel, geography, history, and maps of any kind especially maps of other countries. This interest, combined with her desire to recycle brought her to this current project: combining and repurposing old maps, encyclopedias, and travel magazines for backdrops to paint on. Her subjects are diverse and varied but are always infused with the island life feeling.

Driftwood Art Aruba

All the products are handmade from driftwood that we find at the coast of Aruba. The fishes are painted, decorated and funny to watch. The lamps are also handmade with beautiful details. All the lamps come with a special filament Edison/led bulb, and that gives the lamps an even more special look. Every piece is unique, so you will never find the same piece again. I also do little driftwood ornaments, for example for Christmas or magnets/keychains, and custom made hand lettering on driftwood. The products are SEYO certified by the local government and come with a certificate.

Handmade Jewelry by Jacqueline

I am Jacqueline de Vries, I am 48 years old and I have been living in Aruba since 2016. I make my own jewelry, including rings, Mala bracelets, Mala necklaces, Ibiza chains and Ibiza tunics. I started selling on King’s Day in The Netherlands, and to my surprise this was a great success!


Kala will be selling handmade items in the form of jewelry, paintings, paperweights, art deco and much more.

Malamaruba Artisan Accessories

Handmade Soul and Meditation Mala and Origin Jewerly made from vintage discarded treasure.

Geraldine Romero leading lady of her own brand Malamaruba and Origin was born with fashion-aware DNA. She has the courage to always follow her own path in such a kind way that’s compatible with absolute approach-ability. She always try to create jewelry that gives the wearer strength, love and energy. Nature is her biggest muse. Her choice is to build Malamaruba up step by step, stone by stone in order to keep complete freedom and integrity in the way she works.

Mi Lise

I make jewelry from (sometimes recycled) leather, silver and semi precious stones. I am a teacher who has been living and working on Aruba for a little over 7 years now. A few years back I started making jewelry; first earrings, but later also leather bracelets and necklaces. These days I also enjoy and take an interest in semi precious stones.


Mo is a multifaceted artist who’s artworks can be described as mystique and decorative at the same time.

Linda Vogtschmidt

Linda’s hobby for the past 15 years is collecting driftwood on the shores here in Aruba and getting creative with it. You can expect the following from her: driftwood mobiles, driftwood boards in all kinds of colors, painted coconuts, painted wine bottles and much more.


See a need. Fill a need. I saw a huge need for recycling here on the island because it is a shame how full Parkietenbos is. So in aiming to be the change we wish to see in the world we started #guerillarecycling
We started with making furniture pieces from pallets and crafting with items saved from our trash, because there is no “away” when we throw something away. Our team grows and we are able to recycle more and more waste out of the trash stream. We make jewelry pieces, wood art, recycled crafts and deco art, even custom-order furniture. We will be introducing our own stains which are locally producer & bio-friendly. We need you to help us to continue to recycle. Our island appreciates it, and so do we.

Sassy Aruba

Leather pouches / crossbody bags & hand stamped cotton pouches. Authentic, simple and functional.

SoGreen Hair Products

What Is SoGreen Hair Treatment & Herbal Oil? SoGreen is a reconstructing hair treatment. Repairs damaged, dry & processed hair. Minimize hair fall & stimulates hair growth. SoGreen is made with natural ingredients.

These products will do wonders for your hair since they are from all natural products. Visit their stand to see the wide variety of products they can offer you. Also suitable for pregnant women.

The Sticker Lady

The Sticker Lady designs vinyl decals. Fun holiday designs on a variety of glasses, mugs and surfaces. Looking for something personalized? Ask about the possibilities!


Homemade Candles, Homemade Sugar Hand scrubs, and Homemade Ponche Crema.

Urja Mandala Art by Lata and Abha

Two friends, originally from India, paint mandala canvases and want to bring their art to locals. Mandala is an imagination expressed in layers of circles with various patterns and designs. They provide workshops as needed and demonstrate the Mandala Art.

Vicky & Angie

Mother-Daughter duo Vicky and Angelina will have hand-printed t-shirts for kids, teens and adults and canvas bags with selected pieces of Angelina’s drawings. Also unique drawings in the anime style, Angelina’s favorite genre at the moment. Vicky makes accessories inspired by African textile necklaces, with touches of handmade clay beads and crochet.


Levinia works as a nurse at the hospital in Aruba and has completed studies in Herbology, Aromatherapy, and massage. She wishes to offer a back to nature approach to health. She will be offering a variety of salves, tinctures, and creams at the Cadushi festival. All are handmade and include herbs that are grown in her garden and other gardens here in Aruba. She also does tarot card readings.

Come see her and enjoy a free cup of mulled wine while she reads your fortune. Let’s get magical.

Phone: +297 592 7127
Caya G.F. Betico Croes 97-1