Anna B.

Anna B makes small paintings of Aruba’s flora, fauna, and landscapes. Visit her stand to see the collection and get your colorful gift.

Arubalife Organics

Arubalife Organics was created in order to provide you with a more natural and safe alternative to conventional makeup available on the market. All the products are handcrafted right here in Aruba, in our own kitchen, always in small batches to ensure freshness, and are made with only the best natural and certified organic ingredients.

Arubalife Organics is a little different from store-bought makeup. It appears lighter on the skin, since the only pigments used are earth-given ingredients, instead of synthetic colours. Be open-minded and experiment with different methods of application and brushes.

Awa Salo

AWASALO or salty water is a creation of what the ocean brings to us as part of its history. All the pieces and different materials are shaped for days, months, even years by the natural and powerful movement of the sea with it’s natural and healing salt. In every piece there’s a story, a material that was part of something else before it was beautifully shaped by the ocean. All these pieces are handpicked locally and carefully selected for their shapes, colors, texture, and energy by Noemi Geerman. The pieces are then turned into beautiful wear for you to carry and connect with the ocean’s energy.

Bunnyhop & Cream of Wu

The dynamic duo  Bunnyhop & Cream of Wu are making some cool tote bags and some original t-shirt designs, crioyo style with a twist.

Creole Element

Claudia has a great sense of concern for what is tossed in the trash, which inspires her to recycle as much as she can. Through her recycled artwork, derived from (in)organic materials, she expresses her love and compassion for others which include people, animals, and mother earth. She calls herself a recycle lover and she is practicing her religion which is recycling, separate garbage and grows her own food.

Cunucu Mondi Fierno

Cunucu Mondi Fierno is the name of our property, our Terroir. Aruba magic, propelled by resilience and hard work, gave way to our vineyard of the Madeira variety of grapes, sugarcane & fruits plantation, and allowed us to craft fine port wine, liquors and spirits. The Aruba Magic lives in the land itself, it just needed to be found.
Our sustainable winery makes use of local fruits to handcraft fine liquors, like; Shimaraku, Zuurzak, Granatapel, and Mango etc. Everything we grow is organic, and with a goal of reducing our carbon footprint to negligible levels.
Cunucu Mondi Fierno, which has appointed Michael the Archangel as its guardian, is located in Aruba’s highlands next to the Arikok area in Santa Cruz. This privileged location creates a microclimate unique to the Island which shapes the characteristic taste of our wine, liquors and spirits.
We have made our first wine four (4) decades ago, started cultivating our yard back in 2003, our land in 2016 and our first wine vintage was in 2012. We have planted around 220 fruit plants and our aim is to achieve 2000 within the next decade on a sustainable basis.
Today we have a very limit stock of different fruits wines, liquors and spirits at your order.


Handmade art made of recycled maps and magazines.
Since an early age, Diana has been interested in travel, geography, history, and maps of any kind especially maps of other countries. This interest, combined with her desire to recycle brought her to this current project: combining and repurposing old maps, encyclopedias, and travel magazines for backdrops to paint on. Her subjects are diverse and varied but are always infused with the island life feeling.

Driftwood Art Aruba

I’m Nanda Braemer, 33 years old, working as a physical therapist at SABA nursing home. Besides my job, I am a driftwood artisan (seyo certified) on Aruba. I really love driftwood, it’s natural and comes in all kinds of shapes and colors. I pick my driftwood during walks on the coastal beaches of Aruba. Then, I freehand fishes on the driftwood and saw them out. Every fish is hand painted, I don’t use molds. All my fishes are fishes that can be found in the Aruban waters, but I make them with a fun colorful twist. All my products are colorful and are decorated with washers, screws, nails, and I use wood crafting tools. The decorations and colors are inspired by colorful Aruba and it’s carnival.

Goshen Organic Farm Aruba

Goshen Aruba is a social enterprise we operate an organic farm, our aim is to teach a vocation and cultivate hope in the lives of adult men recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. We focus on growing local greens and giving information on their health benefits and how to prepare them.

Goshen will grow crops that are carefully selected based on prior experience with farming in Aruba, the demands of the local consumers, and a rotational schedule that maximizes the output of the land. Among the crops to be grown are yambo (okra), boonchi (beans), pika (hot peppers), and concomber chikito (cucumbers).

During the festival we will do a cooking demonstration with our produce.

Hofi Sebla

Hofi Sebla by Ingela Lacle cultivates plants from seeds or stem cuttings and gives gardening workshops. Come and shop for a unique gift that keeps on giving, a gift the lucky one can enjoy and nurture long after it arrives. Plant arrangements for special occasions are also available upon request.

It’s an Aruba Thing

Ever stroll down the beach and find something pretty? Something you want to take home? I do, all the time. And I am lucky to be surrounded by the most beautiful beaches. My favorite things are tumbled glass and smooth stones which I take home and play with, turning them into Balancing beach bums and candle holders, and I have so many more ideas. Aruba’s nature inspires me all the time.

Jes Beach Bags

They are Jeanine & Sascha and they make the Jes Beach Bags.
Sascha makes necklaces and little handmade, stamped pouches. Visit their cosy stand with all the product to make the perfect gift.


Kala will be selling handmade items in the form of jewelry, paintings, paperweights, art deco and much more.

Linda Vogtschmidt

Linda’s hobby for the past 15 years is collecting driftwood on the shores here in Aruba and getting creative with it. You can expect the following from her: driftwood mobiles, driftwood boards in all kinds of colors, painted coconuts, painted wine bottles and much more.

Luna & The Wolff

Luna & the Wolff ( Jess Wolff) integrates crafting techniques like embroidery, weaving, crochet etc. (mainly fibers )on textile with organic or reclaimed found materials in her Art pieces. Her work reflects the exploration of social conflicts, emotional & mental disorders, feminism, personal struggles and different phases of life experiences and presents them in a form of storytelling -creature characters- that comes from her visions from psychedelic-like dreams and nightmares.

Being raised in an artistic family she is clearly inspired by her surrounding & Caribbean roots by combining raw nature elements, tropical colors, and organic shapes. Her favorites to work with and explore are fibers, ceramic and/ or recovered materials.

Founder of Much’i Mondi Art Collective
At the moment she is working on the development of Much’i Mondi Art collective for 2018 and Wolff Craft Lab, a new concept that involves creative therapeutic workshops.


See a need. Fill a need. I saw a huge need for recycling here on the island because it is a shame how full Parkietenbos is. So in aiming to be the change we wish to see in the world we started #guerillarecycling
We started with making furniture pieces from pallets and crafting with items saved from our trash, because there is no “away” when we throw something away. Our team grows and we are able to recycle more and more waste out of the trash stream. We make jewelry pieces, wood art, recycled crafts and deco art, even custom-order furniture. We will be introducing our own stains which are locally producer & bio-friendly. We need you to help us to continue to recycle. Our island appreciates it, and so do we.

Paquita’s Creation

Olga combines recycled materials and other types of materials to create different arts & crafts. She uses broken tiles and glass, scraps of wood, rags, stones, ropes, beads, shells and much more. She also sews beautiful pouches.


This means jewelry in Papiamento. It is mostly used by the old folks but Prenda also means precious. Mi Prenda; my precious one. Alydia chose this as her brand name as it reminds her of her family and family vintage collections.
All the precious things that carry history or experiences in life. Even life itself.
“Because Life is Beautiful” she believes.

Her work process begins with existing jewelry, vintage or second-hand clothing, objects that she has found, got as a gift or bought at local markets. When dismantled they form patterns, and she then puts the exotic individual pieces with each other into new conjunctions expressing their different characters. They carry with them bits of history from all over the world mixed into unique pieces waiting for new adventures. Used forms, new life. “Up-cycled Jewelry. ‘Sustainable fashion’….. The Adventures Awaits.

Rahaida Art

Rahaida is a Social Work & Development student at the University of Aruba. She reuses wine bottles to make them into beautiful and unique Christmas decorations. A part of the profits will be donated to a charity organization.

SoGreen Hair Products

These products will do wonders for your hair since they are from all natural products. Visit their stand to see the wide variety of products they can offer you. Also suitable for pregnant women.

Squish Slimes Aruba

Homemade slime for kids and even adults! Fun to play with and great as stress reliever. All Squish slime components are non-toxic & are handmade in Aruba.

Squish slimes come in different colors, textures and scents!

The Fermentation Station

Eating living fermented foods is one of the most ancient and well-known practices for healthy nutrition. Susanne will be selling home fermentation kits so that you may ferment your own kombucha and ginger ale. She will also sell kits to help you bake your own sourdough bread. Furthermore you will find a selection of home made fermented foods at her fermentation station, which include: kimchi, sauerkraut, blaukraut, pickles and sourdough loaves.

Urja Mandala Art by Lata and Abha

Two friends, originally from India, paint mandala canvases and want to bring their art to locals. Mandala is an imagination expressed in layers of circles with various patterns and designs. They provide workshops as needed and demonstrate the Mandala Art.


Levinia works as a nurse at the hospital in Aruba and has completed studies in Herbology, Aromatherapy, and massage. She wishes to offer a back to nature approach to health. She will be offering a variety of salves, tinctures, and creams at the Cadushi festival. All are handmade and include herbs that are grown in her garden and other gardens here in Aruba. She also does tarot card readings.

Phone: +297 592 7127
Caya G.F. Betico Croes 97-1