Alt Shop + Cosoma

Different styles of women’s clothing and accessories; some never-worn, some pre-owned, and some vintage.Alt Shop goes to Cosoma. Alt Shop joins forces with Cosoma to bring different styles of clothing and accessories found in one of their two locations on the island. Some items are never-worn, some pre-owned, and some vintage. Cosoma is a thrift store; a social enterprise founded by Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad Aruba (FPNC). When you shop at Cosoma, you contribute directly to Aruba’s only food-bank FPNC. Alt Shop is a “free-time” project. It’s a combination of pop-up store and online alternative shopping.

ARUBABC – Steffen Maas

Arubabc was designed by Steffen Maas. As an illustrator, graphic designer and photographer he is working with various cultural institutions and creative individuals. Aside to his studio work, Steffen is teaching in China regularly.

Arubabc wants to promote Aruban culture to foreign visitors as well as to the Aruban people, to stimulate literacy, reading culture and cultural awareness in Aruba.

Arubabc offers stylish stationary products as well as appealing educational materials, from ready-made items to customized designs and unique art work. By purchasing any gift or educational item of Arubabc you support Steffen to implement Arubabc in schools and improve materials for the classroom.

Arubalife Organics

Is your sunscreen safe for your health? Is your sunscreen poisoning the ocean and killing coral reefs? Check out our Reef Safe Organic Sunscreen.

A significant amount (80% or more) of sun care products on the market contain harmful ingredients that have been shown to penetrate the skin and be absorbed by the body. This can be measured in blood, breast milk, and urine samples. They can also cause allergic reactions.

One ingredient in particular (oxybenzone) interacts with human sex and thyroid hormones, disrupting our hormone system. It acts like estrogen in the body, alters sperm productions in animals and is associated with endometriosis in women!

Protect your body while preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystems with our organic ingredient and mineral based sunscreen butter. It contains only the essential ingredients to protect and moisturize your skin – nothing more.


Handmade art made of recycled maps and magazines.
Since an early age, Diana has been interested in travel, geography, history, and maps of any kind especially maps of other countries. This interest, combined with her desire to recycle brought her to this current project: combining and repurposing old maps, encyclopedias, and travel magazines for backdrops to paint on. Her subjects are diverse and varied but are always infused with the island life feeling.

Eco Living Aruba

Created by local couple Rose and Dan, Eco Living Aruba produces sustainable products that promote a greener lifestyle. While Dan takes care of the bees on Aruba, Rose loves to explore the possibilities of making local, natural products. This year we can expect them to bring their handcrafted natural soaps, homegrown Luffa sponges, a ready to use dish soap, beeswax wraps, handharvested ‘Fleur de Sel’ Sea Salt and even a Honey Liqueur that they distilled themselves. Purchasing their products helps support the native Bee population as well as their mission to build a greener Aruba.

Jasmine Geerman

My name is Jasmine and I’m a 17-year-old old photographer. I’m an avid hiker and I always try to bring my camera along with me in order to capture Aruba’s beauty. I have been experimenting with many different types of photography but I always come back to Nature and Wildlife. There’s something exhilarating about managing to capture a scurrying or soaring creature. I intend to sell my work as photographic prints.


Kala will be selling handmade items in the form of jewelry, paintings, paperweights, art deco and much more.

Linda Vogtschmidt

Linda’s hobby for the past 15 years is collecting driftwood on the shores here in Aruba and getting creative with it. You can expect the following from her: driftwood mobiles, driftwood boards in all kinds of colors, painted coconuts, painted wine bottles and much more.

Made By Locals

We are a unified brand of Quality Local Products from Aruba Coffee Roasting Company, Dushi Ponche Crema’s, Nonna’s Gourmet, Hot Delight, Eco Living, Krakeling Chocolates, Palmera rums, Dakota Ponche Crema’s, Diano Food, Italia Aruba and design products & Christmas ornaments by Erika Moran, Natalia Koolman, Ralph Gouda and more.

We are a Unified Brand, label for products with high quality standards and a product development company of products with purpose that prioritize fair trade, job creation and the development of an active Creative Industry & dynamic Orange Economy in which the island’s local artists, designers, home-made and home-grown products can thrive in.

Mara’s Tees & Things

I’m Mara, born and raised in Aruba. Few years ago, I started making some handcrafts as a hobby and discovered that this was my passion, since then I’ve been doing my own creations in dreamcatchers, windchimes, stone painting and wire-jewelry and more

Some of the materials I use are sea-glass, crystal beads, semi-precious stones, shells, wires and everything that inspires me to do my creations.

Miriam de L’Isle

I was born on Aruba July 27 in the Lago Hospital. At the age of 12 I went to live in Suriman with my parents, brothers and sister. When I was 16 I just loved and enjoyed going to the art school in Paramaribo the Surinaamse Academie voor Beeldende Kunst and I was excited to continue to educate myself in the arts.

How ever life took her on the path to marriage and children in Venezuela where she lived for 21 years. Miriam never let her passion for the ARTS slip away and she did lots of courses in ceramics, painting and creativity. In 1993 she returned to her birthplace, Aruba. With her two youngest children she left for Holland where she worked and studied. In Leiden she went to the Ars Aemula Natura, 2 years of Creatieve Handvaardeigheid and in Den Haag she was accepted by the admissions committee to he K.A.B.K . Koningklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst. While in Holland she immersed herself to study ART as much as she could. Trips with the Academy to Paris and Gent for Art observation. In Europe she visited nearly all the museums and many trips to the Art galleries opened her mind and love for the Arts. Miriam returned to Aruba in 2002 and has been teaching Art to children, teens and Adults since that year. She keeps very busy organizing Art exhibits for her students and for her own art works. Miriam has created so many works of art lover so many years. Here is just a small sample of her creations.


See a need. Fill a need. I saw a huge need for recycling here on the island because it is a shame how full Parkietenbos is. So in aiming to be the change we wish to see in the world we started #guerillarecycling
We started with making furniture pieces from pallets and crafting with items saved from our trash, because there is no “away” when we throw something away. Our team grows and we are able to recycle more and more waste out of the trash stream. We make jewelry pieces, wood art, recycled crafts and deco art, even custom-order furniture. We will be introducing our own stains which are locally producer & bio-friendly. We need you to help us to continue to recycle. Our island appreciates it, and so do we.

Nanda Braemer

Everything we make is handmade with a lot of love and we only use Aruban driftwood that we find at the coast around the island. Mainly we make special lamps and funky fishes, but we also make smaller items like ornament, magnets, keychains, tealights etc. All our products are SEYO certified by the Aruban government and come with a certificate. We can also customize the items. Don’t hesitate and come visit us at Cadushi Festival 2019!

Nimia Geerman

My name is Nimia, I paint everything from canvas to shoes and t-shirts. And this year me and my husband are launching an LP with traditional music from Buchi Boekhoudt and we will be selling USB sticks with his traditional music.

(PAP)iamento Designs

My name is Josi and I’m a freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator from Aruba, I’m the owner of a small clothing company which has inspired me to design/create clothes influenced by my personal humor, pastime, and niche island life 🌵 For the Cadushi Festival I will be selling my ‘Malamucha’ design.

Sacred Solstice

Chakra balancing kits, essential oil blends, aura cleansing sprays, activated accessories and artwork, conscious books (curated by Light of Lemniscate) and other tools for the expansion of awareness and wellbeing. Light of Lemniscate is a holistic wellness brand that brings three sisters together: Sacred Solstice, Crafting Green and One Happy Yogi. With the vision of uniting uplifting knowledge in awareness and creativity for the benefit, enjoyment, healing, expansion, and empowerment of the community, the land, and the collective.

Sassy Aruba

Leather pouches / crossbody bags & hand stamped cotton pouches. Authentic, simple and functional.

Seasoned Salts

Seasoned Salts made with locally harvested sea salt and organic home grown herbs and spices. Including: Bacon Salt, Popcorn Salt, Everything Bagel Salt, Umami Seasoning, Smoked Salt and more! I’m very interested in creative kitchens, foraging, gardening and making food taste really good.

Sheila Werleman

Pintura acrylic riba canvas y palo, pintura aquarel di diverso tema, Poster cu dicho na Papiamento, Christmas ornament, Pen & ink di flora y fauna, handmade jewelry, Beer cosi na man cu buki na Papiamento.

SoGreen Hair Products

What Is SoGreen Hair Treatment & Herbal Oil? SoGreen is a reconstructing hair treatment. Repairs damaged, dry & processed hair. Minimize hair fall & stimulates hair growth. SoGreen is made with natural ingredients.

These products will do wonders for your hair since they are from all natural products. Visit their stand to see the wide variety of products they can offer you. Also suitable for pregnant women.

Sun and Sand Candles

My name is Dennys, I am an administrator, I live in Aruba three years ago. I like to take care of the environment and I love candles so I decided to make candles with soy wax , because are 100% non toxic, last longer and burns clean.

The Island Shop

Trudy Lampe Artist ( Pottery) owner of the Island Shop.

Born & raised in the fishing village of Savaneta Aruba she brought the colors and energy of the Caribbean that reflects her carefree lifestyle in Aruba. She started experimenting with art in 1976 when she took her first course.

After that she moved to the Netherlands to continue developing her techniques in clay in 1977. She started her pottery studio in 1980 and was producing a variety of original pieces.

Lampe was very inspired by the Aruban landscapes and wanted to explore more and started painting on her pottery. This has led her to painting on different materials such as driftwood, canvas, ornaments etc.

In 2014 she has been working with the Aruban clay and is the founder of Kimaterra.

Luna & the Wolff ( Jess Wolff) Contemporary Visual Artist
Born (13 October 1981) and raised on Aruba. Studied Fashion and Fine Art at G Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. She specializes in fiber Art & combines this with found objects, natural elements and materials that convey organic associations, psychological moods and abstract bodily structures and shapes.
She uses a unique way to bridge a link between craft techniques and fine art though fiber & textile works to create her visual worlds.

Wolff also creates handmade wearable pieces & contemporary craft to sell at local markets around the island and has been sharing her knowledge by teaching hand Stitching techniques to the local community through workshops.

She is the founder of Muchi Mondi Art collective (2014). Muchi Mondi is an interdisciplinary collective collaboration on different projects that encompass environmental and cultural sustainability. It’s aim is to stimulate the Art & Culture in different aspects.

The Little Fry

In Aruba, Inspiration comes naturally from the surrounding organic elements. Colors are constantly shifting by the wind and the sea. With this inspiration, I started using the shibori method to hand dye fabric to create home and children’s accessories. Shibori is an old Japanese dyeing technique where fabric is either tied or bound. The results form unique patterns mirroring the changing elements found here. From bibs to pillows, napkins to onesies, each piece is handmade and one of a kind in both color and pattern.

The Sticker Lady

The Sticker Lady designs vinyl decals. Fun holiday designs on a variety of glasses, mugs and surfaces. Looking for something personalized? Ask about the possibilities!

The Sticker Lady has much more than only “stickers” this year so don’t miss out!
All original designs with a lot of them having a unique ‘touch of Aruba’.


Homemade Candles, Homemade Sugar Hand scrubs, and Homemade Ponche Crema.

URJA hand painted mandalas by Lata & Abha

URJA mandala Art is basically an art of creating Mandalas with different ideas and visions. We combine our imagination with different ideas and create wide variety of mandalas on different bases. Mandalas which we create with our imaginations and vision on canvases, wood, ceramic and different other materials that can become the best art piece of your home or work places and source of energy every time you see and breath with it.

Two friends, originally from India, paint mandala canvases and want to bring their art to locals. Mandala is an imagination expressed in layers of circles with various patterns and designs. They provide workshops as needed and demonstrate the Mandala Art.

Abha & Lata


Levinia works as a nurse at the hospital in Aruba and has completed studies in Herbology, Aromatherapy, and massage. She wishes to offer a back to nature approach to health. She will be offering a variety of salves, tinctures, and creams at the Cadushi festival. All are handmade and include herbs that are grown in her garden and other gardens here in Aruba. She also does tarot card readings.

Come see her and enjoy a free cup of mulled wine while she reads your fortune. Let’s get magical.

Phone: +297 592 7127
J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 248
@ Ex Bushiri Hotel